Bottled Water, Alcohol and More

by Captain Mickey

bottled water

A question we are asked frequently is whether or not you can bring bottled water and alcohol aboard the ships. The answer is YES but with some limitations.

  • All beverages must be in your carry on luggage, alcohol or bottled water. You can not pack them in your checked luggage. If they are found there, they will be confiscated and not returned until after the cruise is completed. Carry on luggage must be not exceed 22 x14x9.
  • Coolers are not permitted.
  • What you bring on must be consumed or discarded. So if you bring on two bottles of wine and only drink one bottle you can not leave with the unopened extra bottle.  Same holds true for the liquor.
  • You can not consume alcohol that is brought on the ship in public areas. So if you are planning cocktails by the pool, that is a no-no. But you are welcome to have a pre-dinner drink in your room.
  • If you are bringing a special bottle of wine or champagne for a celebration, there is a corkage fee of $20.

Overall I think it is more trouble than it is worth to bring alcohol and a case of bottled water on the ship. If I had a child who needed formula made, I would go to that trouble for the bottled water. If I was celebrating a big anniversary and wanted to bring out the special wine we had at our wedding, I would bring a bottle of wine and pay the corkage fee. But if the point of bringing it on board is to save a lot of money, I think I would just pass and enjoy the beverages provided at the bars, lounges, and restaurants and pay for those out of pocket. Yes, they can be pricy, alcohol always is on vacation.  But it *IS* vacation and I would be more worried about not consuming it all and having to discard of it than the money I would save by bringing my own. That being said I have clients who bring their own liquor on frequently and they prefer that approach.  There’s no right or wrong way here, just as long as Mickey’s rules are followed.

Happy Sailing!

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