Midship Detective Agency

by Captain Mickey

muppet detective agency

Want a fun way to explore the Disney Dream or Fantasy? Located on Deck 5 of each ship is a fun, interactive game that’s great for the whole family. The Midship Detective Agency sends you on a search of the ship to solve two mysteries, “The Case of the Stolen Puppies” or “The Case of the Stolen Artwork”. The Disney Fantasy has a third mystery to solve: “The Case of the Missing Show” starring the Muppets.

To begin, visit the kiosk located on Deck 5 near the kids club. There is a second kiosk just beyond the Port Adventures desk if the line is long. Pick up a card and a casebook to start your adventure. At the kiosk, you will be given details about the case. From there, you can start exploring the ship for clues.

Midship Detective Agency Desk

Located on most decks on the ships are ‘enchanted art’-framed pictures that come to life when youhold up your card. Each card has a unique QR code that helps identify you in the game. That way, you can take a break then pick up where you left off. At each piece of art, your unique code is read and the picture comes to life. There are hidden speakers in the corners of the picture frames and you are given clues at each stop. As you rule out suspects, you can cross them off in your casebook. The experience takes a little over an hour and since each card is different, you can play again and again. Not only is this a really cool activity, it will get your family moving all over these gorgeous ships!

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